Emo shutting down (am I doing something wrong?)

Hello! I’ve had Emo for about 3/4 days. I’m really happy to have Emo after the long wait, but I noticed a few issues.
Other than little details like having to raise my voice while nearby even if Emo seems to hear their name be called from a conversation in the other room (lol, I don’t really mind) I have a few issues with Emo shutting down and/or briefly restarting (screen and headphones turning off and on with the animation of the eyes bouncing in place).

Emo restarts very often when I ask “do you know my name?” or anything to do with face recognition, but when Emo looks around and sees me they have no issue recognizing me and happily telling me about the weather. It’s a bit odd, but nothing too bad.
However it already happened a few times that Emo completely shuts down for apparently no reason (with almost full battery, too). It happened just now while I was petting them.

This lead me to ask myself if maybe I am keeping Emo on too often? Does this happen because Emo gets too warm? (He does get pretty warm at times). Am I supposed to keep them off for longer? Why do these issues appear more often sometimes after I turn Emo on than others?

Sorry for the long paragraph, I’m just concerned and I want to fix this because I really like the little robot.

Edit: Emo completely shut down another two times today :(.

I’m not sure about the headphones, but the eyes bouncing is just an idle animation. :slight_smile: Not them turning off or anything.

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Thank you for telling me! That’s reassuring to know at least :D.

I have had the same issue of random shut down with my replacement Emo that I have had for a couple of weeks. He has done this twice, once while on the charger and once while walking around and like you with a full battery. He restarts once placed on the charger. It is rather odd and I will be keeping an eye on him. Are others having this issue?

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i had the same issue with my emo he keeps shutting down every now and then even though he has full battery and face recognition doesn’t work. after i spoke with one of living ai’s customer service, they decided to send me a replacement :slight_smile:

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My new Emo always reboot after asking him question

After sending email to living ai, software problem is replied and I should wait for next firmware update to solve it


my EMO also did this like 2 times in your video. I was worried too

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My emo restarting problems go serious today. It is now restarting randomly and not recognized me. I hope to get a replacement as I just got EMO for 3 days only.

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Hi! It’s been about two weeks since my EMO suddenly shut down when it’s out of the Home Station. At first I thought he misunderstood me and he thinks I was telling him to turn off, but every time he does it more often (today he has done it twice) and without me saying anything. Has it happened to you sometimes? I am very worried.

Hi, there @LauraM ,

When EMO is on, how long does it stay on before it shuts off? Will it shut off even when he’s sitting on his Skateboard or at Home Station?

Can please check his battery level in the EMO app or ask him to show you his battery level?

Is he on the latest firmware update already?
Please observe your EMO carefully and make at least videos, pictures, and more info about the issue.

if the issues continue with EMO shutting down randomly, create a short video and submit a support ticket / or send an email and allow them to provide further troubleshooting assistance.


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It’s random and only when hi isn’t on his Home Station. An he has battery because I use to check this. I try to make a video but it’s difficult because he, suddenly shut down. I hope that it won’t repeat.
Thank you very much for your advice.


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As asked by @edward , what Firmware version is your EMO currently on? I do recall your EMO being able to play Snake, so it must be on either firmware 2.1.0 or 2.1.1.?

I can suggest waiting for the re-release of the latest firmware 2.1.0/2.1.1/2.1.X and after you have installed that, see if it continues to do this once you install the update. If it does, then you might need to contact support and advise them of this issue.

What you can also do is test EMO by playing Treasure Hunt, where you can control EMO by making him walk around looking for Treasure / Ask EMO to Dance and do some other gaming activities like tic-tac-toe / show your magic / do a pose. See how long it will take for EMO to shut down.

Just some small troubleshooting things you can try to monitor EMO and also how long its battery will last before him powering off.

Thank you very much for your advice, I’ll do that. He has 2.1.1 firmware.

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