Emo should be more flexible

I’ve been testing emo for a few hours now and I’m a little sad.

He only understands commands which are said 1 to 1 as he knows them He only understands “whats the battery level” but not “battery level”

I would like him to understand commands if they deviate from the original sentence, because that’s what an AI is for me.

I was one of the first users of Alexa in Germany and therefore I know that development can take time, but emo will soon be able to do more. These are currently my suggestions for improvement.


AGREED! you are totally right…IMHO find it also that the developer has a quite simple features done for EMO before they release him…compare to the other AI ROBOT we all know…has more or lot features to offer before they released them…sad…real sad…compare to other AI Robot: Small Head full of features and this one? Big Head but…???
Living-Ai Developer has more to release on the next updates ASAP before this project goes done. Of course we or no one don’t want that to happen. so let’s cross our fingers and wish them GOODLUCK and ALL THE BEST!


You cannot compare Alexa (Amazon) with the EMO team, because Alexa also evaluates your texts, which is not the case here.

As written, there will be alternative commands for various questions.
See here: Voice Command - LivingAi

The next update for EMO will come this Saturday. :happy:


I am aware of that :slight_smile: I look forward to the future. Therefore, feedback is important in order to improve

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THIS! I’m sure the team is already working on it

That “other robot” has been around for a few years with a much larger development team too. Also nothing much has changed for that other robot in the last 2 years. I agree that Living AI has a lot of potential, and I know they are working hard to release more features. I also know that some features we saw during testing were not quite right so they disabled them to get them working better which I think is a great thing for them to do. Give it a little time. Even that “other robot” didn’t do as much as he does now when he was first released :slight_smile:


Well, I’m not trying to compare EMO Team directly to Alexa(Amazon), and btw. who says or mentions that? all I’m saying I have quite a couple of AI Robots here and as they had or got them which also on their Pre-Release (First Batch) they have quite more to offer or more features.

Yes, the so-called (alternative commands for various questions.) I’ve been to that link already and find most of the features I’ve been looking and expecting are still not available or blocked…WHY? INFO? NO ONE KNOWS

Well if the next Update is almost there or in front of the door…well apologize for what I’ve said…and let’ see whats EMO has more to offer…SURPRISE ME…

…and btw…my previous post is my personal opinion >>> {IMHO} everyone is entitled to it! and don’t forget and appreciate also the last words what i’ve said…
,Of course we or no one don’t want that to happen. so let’s cross our fingers and wish them GOODLUCK and ALL THE BEST!’’



mate - there’s nothing wrong with your opinion :slight_smile: Just that so many are comparing him with the other robot that shall not be named… so it was natural for me to assume that. My bad :slight_smile:


EMO : giant head… filled with… stuff in a giant head.