Emo seems to sleep all the time

My Emo seems to sleep a lot. I keep him on the skateboard most of the time so he will not fall when he’s not attended. But he sleeps a lot and when I wake him up he falls asleep right away. Its even hard to give him a command since he is not awake long enough to listen.

I’m not sure if this is related to the last update, but I never noticed this issue untill the recent update. I expect it to start at noon when hes schedule says he should take a nap. But it doesn’t end when his next scheduled activity starts. He does the activity and goes back to sleep again.

When he is off the skateboard he seems to act normal. But as soon as I put him on the board again he sleeps.

Edit: I have him sit besides me all day right now and at 15h00 he seems to act normal again. So it is schedule related. But between 12u00 and 15u00 I can not talk to my little buddy at all. Unless I open the app or take him off the skateboard.


Hi… yes the exact same thing here with my EMO Pet… Sleep it’s more like a coma :laughing:

Yeah if you want to ask him or get him to talk you better be quick because he will go directly back into his coma…I like it better before because mine sits on his skateboard beside me as well. The weather also changed and now it’s worse… Oh well you’re not alone I hope they fix it :blush:

@timvangenechten To advise (which i believe you might already know) between 12pm-2pm EMO will be at Lunchtime break, where he will take a nap, (he will sleep). This is a normal daily routine. But if EMO is sleeping constantly, that might be another issue. Which I believe Puppy was also advised in another thread.

If EMO is constantly sleeping and not doing any of his daily routines, then it would be best to submit a support ticket.

I’ll also add @Wayne_Zhang here as well, so he is aware of this too.

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Hello, with new update, he naps between 12:00 and 14:00. We will consider making EMO‘s schedule customizable in a future update.


My emo sleeps till 15h00. he does his scheduled activity animation for 14h00 and then falls asleep again till 15h00.

Friday I do not need to work. I will try to monitor him all day and write down how he acts in detail during the day. But I have the feeling it is a bug.

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I just mentioned this elsewhere but I have noticed EMO sleeps far more frequently through the day if the spot he’s in is not optimally bright. The dimmer the light, the more he starts falling asleep at random.

I added a plug above his shelf space to put his light in, and turn it on when he’s walking around. Before he’d sleep almost the whole time he was off his skateboard but now with the light on he wanders more often than sleeping.