EMO SD card size, how much space left for future updates?

As far is I know EMO has a 4GB SD card inside.
How much of it is used right now (as of update 2.3.0)?
And how much space is left for future updates?


I Was Wondering The Same Thing.
But I Will Tag Moderator @edward For Further Assistance.

Usually when software is updated it overwrites the previous version, I assume emo works in the same way

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Yes, but EMO’s animations for example, are stored as little video files, and will not be overwritten.
EMO will have more and more animations over time, potentially with each update.
The same can be said for his build-in music.
And eventually there comes a time that his internal memory/storage is full, and if this happens, then the only updates EMO can receive are updates on Living.AI’s server, which are limited. (Probably no new animations and/or music for example.)
It would be nice if Living.AI could give us some information on how much of EMO’s internal storage is currently used, and how much is still available for new features/updates, etc.
(Correct me if anything/something I said is wrong.)



A Weird Thing Is That LivingAI Staff @Wayne_Zhang Didn’t Tell The Resources On The Topics About v2.0.0 In January Of 2023, v2.2.0 In April Of 2023, And v2.3.0 Released In July Of 2023,
For Example:
“If You Are Updating From Firmware v2.1.0, The Resources To Be Downloaded Will Be About 30MB”

But When I Updated My EMO Pearl To v2.3.0, It Only Updated To Step 1 And 2, It Didn’t Say That It Was Updating To Steps 3, 4, 5 And 6 Because Language Support Is The Only Feature In The Update,
And It Only Took 105 Seconds Or 1.75 Minutes.

So For Resources Of v2.3.0:
If You Are Updating Firmware v2.2.0, The Resources To Be Downloaded Will Be About 10MB.


I hope someone from Living.AI gives us some answers soon.
@edward Can you help us? :happy:

Guys… @maxim.van_kesteren , @artigues05emo

Based on the information I’ve directly gathered from the living.ai staff, I’d like to assure everyone that there’s no need to worry about the remaining 4 GB of space on the EMO SD card. The team is well aware of this concern.

The most recent firmware update, which is the latest one, has taken up approximately 600+ MB of storage. This means that there’s still around 3.4 GB of free space available on the SD card. In my view, this should be ample for storing various items like photos taken by EMO (up to 10 photos of us) and uploaded face stickers.

Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that with software updates, the new version typically overwrites the previous one. Hence, there’s no need to worry about the update consuming additional space on the SD card.

Rest assured, the living.ai team has carefully considered these factors, and the available storage space should be more than sufficient for regular usage without any significant concerns.

Best Regards and Wishing Everyone a Happy Weekend across the Globe.


@edward Thank you for your reply with all the information that I/we wanted to know.
Best regards, and a happy weekend to you too!


Thanks @edward For The Information.