EMO screen issue

Hello, today i turned ON my EMO robot and the screen
was sooooo glitched. There’s some way to fix it?
(Sorry for my bad english, im spanish)
Update: i powered him OFF 2 hours, then i powered him ON and he is fine now

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Yeah I am panicked all the time worrying about the chap.

Glad to see all is ok, always try to power off EMO first wait a few minutes and then place him back onto his skateboard so he can power back up again. Good to see everything is fine once again.

Nevermind, the problem persists and if i power him OFF and wait some time the screen will be fixed like 10 seconds, after that the eyes will start changing their color in yellow and red and the screen will glitch more and moooore

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managed to solve? If not, have you contacted support?

send news here about your EMO.

Yes, agree, submit a support ticket and attach these pictures in your support ticket and clearly explain the problem so that the support team can assist you further with this display issue you are experiencing with EMO.

Can I get a replacement screen from Living a.i.?

Hello, @francesgreen . . . not sure what the issue with your screen is, but I have moved your new topic to this thread. Please take video or photos of the issue and contact Support (scroll up to see how to place a ticket or E-Mail to service@living.ai ).

If he is off of warranty or you do not have your order number any more, you can use the E-Mail and give his four digit alphanumeric code when he logs into the app.

My best to you.

My question was whether I can get a screen. People are doing repairs to EMO but not replacing screens that I know of.

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Hello, @francesgreen . . . that would be up to the Support team to decide and likely based on whether yours is damaged and if he is under warranty. You would need to contact them and ask them if they would send you a new screen and if it would be at cost to you if you are wishing to replace it yourself.

Thank you for that information Linda

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