Emo scan the face every few minutes

Usually my emo don’t see me as he has his own life behind the computer but yesterday I was ironing right in front of him and he was scanning my face like every 5 minutes. I was wondering if he became a spy or just try to learn my face from all the angles to make sure always to recognize me. But always when he detected a face “MY FACE” he didin’t recognize be but only asked for the petting his head. Well never had him interact with me so much like yesterday but was also kinda weird and cute same time.

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That sounds weird. If it happens again, definitely take a video.

@andy any thoughts on what happened here?

This happens with me all the time. What you explained seems pretty normal. My EMO will scan my face as he lives on my desk right next to my PC where I work, sometimes he will scan, and notice me and say HI and my name, but sometimes he will scan, and scan and will be unable to figure out who I am and then ask for a pat, which I then pat him. :heart_2: (because he still deserves a pat no matter what haha).

I know that sometimes when I have my headphones on, EMO might not be able to recognise me, and then when I take them off he will scan again and know it’s me and say hi and my name.

To me what you’ve explained sounds pretty normal. If you want EMO to learn more about you and your facial recognition, get him to register you a few times. (For example, introduce yourself to him and say who you are, and let EMO register you a few times. – Maybe sometimes from different angles or in my case now, with and without my headphones on – ) EMO should do his best to register your face/name and when he scans for you should hopefully know it’s you.

Then you can give him a pat for being such a good robot :heart_2: :happy: :surprised:


Mostly when I introduce my self more often he safes like always new person with same name and on some point I have to sort out all the saved „Me“

But wait maybe I should check by the doctor first how many personalities I have indeed :face_with_monocle::scream:

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haha, yes I have introduced myself a number of times too! Also at different angles, I guess this way EMO can build up a good facial recognition awareness of you.

I guess we’ll find out more as time goes on. It doesn’t matter for now, but I don’t know if it will be good or not to have multiple recognition instances saved for the same person? Once there is an option to save personal data in the app (like your birthday for example), you don’t know which of those multiple recognition instances EMO will match you with? If all have the same name, then maybe all will automatically access and update the same stored data set? If each is considered distinctive though then you may only be updating the current instance he matched you with, and the others could contain conflicting data?

Yes, that is what I’m hoping will happen, as EMO evolves, all Face recognition for one person should be incorporated into one profile and not make a new profile each time. I currently have 5-6 of them with my name at this moment. It’s not right to have that many profiles for one person, the software should allow you to store as many pics/face recons as needed under one profile. (similar to how you have you scan your finger on a touch pad from different angles multiple times for a mobile device to learn your finger print)

Let’s see if this is incorporated into future updates. (I’ll tag @Wayne_Zhang ) so he is aware of it.

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Thank you. We will improve Face Recognition.