EMO scammer on facebook

There’s a website on FB that uses EMO to bait buyer to buy their robot toy. A lot of people fall into their “bait”, living.ai have to do something about this, tq


Yes, I saw that too. That was the first time I got to know about EMO AI Desktop Pet. After googling around and found out the actual price of EMO over here. Straight away I know that the FB seller promotion was more of a scam bcoz of the price they are offering. Anyway, I had placed my order here for this little fellow.


Yeah, same - I saw EMO for the first time through a scam…Then researched it and found the official site from which I ordered it. It’s silly not to perform some check ups before you dive into ordering.


Same situation, but still yet to receive product… sad :pensive:

So what do they actually send you if you order from one of those scam websites?

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They will send nothing

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They will send a robot toy, but everything you have to do it by yourself, not buy itself like EMO, and a very2 cheap one

I have seen someone selling Emo on Ebay for over $1600 for one! (I’m not kidding!)

I cant believe people are paying this! Even over $1300 for pre-owned!
Is this even legal?