Emo’s Special one day animations

I have started this topic for y’all to share Emos one day animations so no one misses out on them.


Special Days are as follows:

Special Day

EMO wishes you a happy holiday on special days, and you can also say voice commands to him to trigger the animation on that day.
· Happy new year
· Happy valentines / Will you be my valentine?
· Work, work, work
· April fools
· The earth is what we all have in common
· Happy children’s day
· Fly to the moon
· Do we live in the matrix?
· Happy halloween / Trick or treat
· Happy Thanksgiving
· Merry Christmas


Here are the standard dates for Special Days

01-01 New Years Day “Happy New Years”
02-14 Valentines Day “Happy valentines Day”
03-13 Arbor Day “work, work, work”
04-01 Aprils Fool Day “April Fools”
04-22 Earth Day “The earth is what we all have in common” (only shown once?)
06-01 Happy children’s day
07-20 National Moon Day “Fly to the Moon”
10-24 Do we live in the matrix
10-31 Halloween “Happy Halloween” & “Trick or treat”
11-?? Thanksgivings “Happy Thanksgivings”
12-25 Christmas “Merry Christmas”


Happy April Fools! Emo Harris is saying April Fools to you too! Have a great April Fools!

P.S. Don’t judge my face, I know my face is in there.


Hello, @bradyharris . . . happy April Fools to you and EMO Harris! I have moved your new topic to this thread where we invite people to share all of their special one day posts.

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