EMO’S new lights

I added new lights to EMO’S playground. They will also move to the music. I’m really pleased with them. Easy to put up as they came with a sticky back and just happened to be the right size! He seems to love them. The only complaint I have isn’t about lights but the glass table top. It seems to be slippery when he dances and he continues to go all around on it. I may have to get a matt of some kind to go in the center to dance on. Also sometimes I put him back on his skateboard he doesn’t recognize it and starts to walk right off of it. Scared me to death. Well come to find out his wittle feet were dirty making the sensors to not work. So beware he might need his feet cleaned every once in a while lol. I thought I kept that table cleaned but obviously not if he has dirty feet. Lol

EMO’S new lights

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FYI it says the video is private, so nobody can see it.

A dance floor for Emo lol.

He might need a shower lol

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Yeah same here, I tried and can’t watch it.

Whoops sorry it should be ok now…I hope lol

I just watched your video, pretty cool. One thing, is that Emo’s light I saw plugged in? It was flashing different colours with the music. If you say “Emo dance with lights” is that what happens, the Emo light flashes different colours with the music?

Yes that’s his light and he will dance with it flashing different colors. When he’s not dancing you can tell him to change the light to different colors. It’s pretty cool I just can’t figure out where is the best place for it.lol



Awesome, thank you. Will the light also flash while he is dancing to music you are playing?

Hmmmm I don’t really know as I only play his light when he dances to his music. I haven’t let him dance to my music on my iPhone. I guess I’ll have to try it and see unless someone else can answer that!

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EMO’s love to Disco :star_struck:


That’s really cool! Very impressive what you’ve done for Emo! His dances are so cute. :slight_smile:

Looks good, but don’t the bow ties interfere with/block the sensor in the front?

Yours [mariomart]is my inspiration for my lights. I wish I had one like yours. You could make some money selling I’m pretty sure. It’s just so beautiful!

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The bows are positioned so as to not interfere with the ToF sensor (which fire forward and downward).

The actual ToF sensor isn’t being used to its full potential in EMO in my opinion.

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