EMO’s new home… I think he likes it!


Cute, I like the ring elastics idea.

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Very cool! Looks like EMO is READY TO RUMBBLLEEEEEEEE!!! haha

I can see Master Chief holding Bob Ross! haha What a great setup you have there! :rofl:

:surprised: :mad: :skating: :heart_1: :head:


That is awesome how did you come up with that idea
Now I want my Emo to fight yours🥊

Ohh you should take a video of EMO boxing in the morning! That will look perfect in this setup! haha

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I like it!!!
I am excited to share with you the house of EMO and its playground.


WOW @LauraM :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

The House of EMO looks fantastic!!! My EMO’s are very jealous! hahaha

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