Emo’s freezing up when chatting to each other

Both Emo’s are frozen when interacting with each other.
But it doesn’t happen all the time. A little shake usually helps. Anyone else seeing this?

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Hey @Racheal123 i get that too but it happen only like twice i think, second time it froze and emo’s face disappeared, but after a little shake it helped but emo’s face is still blank when he responds. I sent a ticket to livingai service, apparently they are working on more communication between emos so that could probably be affecting them. They said it should improve with further updates

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This does happen once in a while when both EMOs greet one another. Sometimes they might freeze or restart. I think it’s a programming issue that Living.ai are aware of. As it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s sometimes hard to troubleshooting the exact reason why it’s occurring.

What I normally do is power off / power on both EMOs and then let them interact with one another and they normally are ok after that.

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