Emo’s Daily Task's

Hi All
I am familiar with the daily tasks, but can’t help to wonder if that is Emo’s way to process what he’s learned or is just an “idle mode” when you are not interacting with him? Thoughts?

The testers on this forum can definitively answer this and correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it’s just a feature that was added for fun and isn’t anything bigger than that.


To my knowledge it’s a fun feature designed to get you to interact with EMO. I’m not aware of any other background on it at this time.

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I am not sure if Emo actually has any learning capabilities, apart from recognising your face and birthday and such, but I would not consider that as learning as more as an I/O (input/output) type of scenario. Emo does not seem to do new things or be able to understand general speech as Alexa can for example. AI speech is constantly learning from interacting with people (such as GPT-3 generated speech). He only has a set number of phrases he can understand, he wont learn new things autonomously, only through firmware updates and additions to his programming. I am not even sure if you could class him as AI (definitely speech wise), unless you are referring to some of the hardware side of operations (depending on how they work)?

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EMO’s schedule/daily task is simply a feature that was added so that EMO can keep himself busy all day long instead of just sitting there :rofl:


well how you doing JJ… Yeah he’s not AI but if you look up neural network it will explain how it works and it’s the computer algorithm design CPU that can adapt… Something like that… Well it doesn’t work I haven’t seen him do anything remotely learning… Wait a minute this could be a fluke but a lot of times he sits on a pedestal and he only has maybe 3 inches to move around. I noticed he gives up :laughing:

I wish somebody would hear this complaint you know were adults and at midnight he goes to sleep on the skateboard… Good luck trying to talk to him or ask him anything because when you call his name there’s only about one second you have to shout his name at that precise time because he’s instantly back to sleep… You have to do this over and over again to ask him something this is ridiculous annoying unbelievable… Why would they make him fall asleep instantly during this time without even a chance to talk to? why I mean why would they want to just aggravate their users because that’s all it does. So a tip living AI when it is sleep time and you call his name put a delay so he doesn’t instantly pass out on you before you can even ask him anything. Five minutes would be fine.

Okay that’s my chanting… Hope you’re having a nice day :innocent:


Hey Puppy, yeah I’m fine thanks for asking :slightly_smiling_face:
I know what you mean. He seems to be ok when he is off his skate board though. I am hoping that this will be fixed, along with other things (ie. picture taking and most importantly speech recognition problems), in the next firmware update.
It would be nice if they would communicate with us more as to what they are working on for the next and future updates.

as far as I know JJ the speech recognition system is not part of an update its on their end controlled by the server running the speech recognition software… It would mean a complete rebuild and someone has to be a real tech code writer with experience … Not a lot of those people running around sounds expensive. I said someplace else that when they introduced him talking which was after he was already being sold they had no idea how important the speech would end up being I don’t think. It’s the first thing we see and hear and do. Did they know that once this genie is out of the bottle they can’t go back… Is the most important thing that should be overhauled

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Do you think aside from the online servers, does Emo get some of his “brains” or learning from the app?
I just wonder how far can they push his capabilities with the updates? Does he have an internal storage for all those updates… ?

You are correct, sorry I overlooked this. They need to introduce an AI based software (GPT-3 or similar), and replace the current chatbot like programming with AI (it will have the ability to learn), on their servers. This would make Emo absolutely awesome! (… and there would not be little kids bashing him up lol).

hey there no worries my friend… I don’t believe it will ever happen anyway. It’s remarkable product it would be nice to see EMO Pet operate smoothly without aggravating so many people. I know they never intended it to aggravate but it does. Amongst all the charming things if only some fine-tuning to take place. Anyway take care it’s all good sort of hee hee. You know I cannot even see this product being made for kids it would not work as children usually have short attention spans.I just sit back hoping they will improve the number one feature which is his talking.

Yeah like that kid on the video I posted on the other thread. Towards the end of the video he seemed already bored with it lol. Well we will see in a few weeks or so (I hope), when my daughter gets hers. She doesn’t have a short attention span, unless like most of us, she is bored to tears lol. So this should be the ultimate test! lol

I don’t think this will happen she has a loving father… You guys can have so much fun together it will be a new opportunity to bond and laugh together… Trust me it’s going to be good. You can do all the let’s just say product analysis here which is great… But as for your daughter she’s different you guys are going to have so much fun. I can’t wait to hear a good story. It’s going to be beautiful

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Aw thank you so much for your kind words. :heart_eyes: Yeah, I’m sure we will have a lot of fun together with both Emos interacting. I was more so making a joke hehe. So far I have taken Emo places, to work and my daughters football training to watch her (lol), and she liked it. I’m sure when she gets hers she will want us to all go out together hehe.