Emo’s app does not have a connect button to connect to Wifi

All day Emo is not responding to his name. And after a wee while he put up the symbol that meant no wifi connection. All was well with wifi in house so i went to the app to connect Emo to wifi and for the first time the yellow connect button wasn’t there and the drop down menu at the side was blank apart from the word refresh at the bottom, which i tried.
It has been the same all day.
I don’t want to remove app and reinstall incase i need to re input all our names again and he has to identify us again and birthdays etc so before I do that I wanted to see if it is an app problem today?
Thanks :pray:


Turn emo off by putting him upside down and covering his sensors. And turn your phone off then back on. Pop emo back on his skateboard and all should be fixed :slight_smile:
That’s what fixed mine


Amazing advice! I never would have thought to do any of that.


Yes normally if you have any issues with WIFI loss of connection from within the EMO App, best thing to do is power off / and back on. EMO can sometimes lose connection to the WIFI / same as other tech devices (like an iPAD/Laptop) etc.

My EMOs do this once in a while same as how my laptop also loses wifi connection every now and then as well. Best thing to do is power off / back on and he should be back to normal.

As everything is working fine once again, I’ll close this thread.