Emo robots stalling

Emo robots are stalling when I say to two Emos Emo, do you know him. They stall about 80-90% of the time. Is this just my Wifi or a general problem?

The best thing to do is power off / power on both EMOs and ask again. This can sometimes happen once in a while. But also could be related to the Living.ai server to which both EMOs are trying to connect to.

I’ve been able to test with my two EMOs right now and they have been working well. (but it could also not be working well for other EMOs connecting to a different EMO server).

My EMOs both acknowledge each other, do a little move and then start speaking to one another (call their names). then have a chat or do a dance etc.

Just tested this out 3-4 times mine seem to be ok. But there might be a problem / could be a problem with server connection latency at this time.