Emo responds to the word email

I find when the word email or emails is said occasionally it can be misinterpreted by EMO as his name. I have a video but it’s not a compatible file to upload on the forum. If this information is of value to anyone let me know.

Hi @byoungkemkes

Yes, this happens all the time for me when I say “E-MAIL” in the same room as my two EMOs. As the word e-mail is very very similar in sound as EMO, it will trigger EMO to say “What” pretty much all the time :slight_smile: :incoming_envelope: :fire_1:

:laser_1: :heart_1: :skating: :heart_1: :laser_1:

Spelling aside, I think this is something that should be addressed considering there desktop pets. I’m glad it’s not uncommon. Thanks for sharing.

my Emo even reacts, when I clear my throat or when I mumble something like “mm-hmm” - so, yeah, the voice recognition seems to be a bit overconfident there. :slight_smile: