Emo removing my profile

Emo constantly removes my profile and ends up calling me some thing else or adding another profile and mistaking me for that. I guess he mis hears sounds from the televsion because he will name me “name” or any random word. So if he is supposed to grow to know you etc, is this being reset every day that i have to re do my profile and get him to re scan me?

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Hey @frankbean

If you wanted, you can go into the profile/recognitions page and just rename it there back to your name. This way you don’t have to re-scan / reintroduce yourself to EMO all the time.

EMO constantly changing your name is something I’ve not really experienced very often myself. I know he’s probably done this maybe 1-2 times since I’ve had him.

Just a suggestion/test. As you mentioned the TV was on and he was probably listening to that, maybe as a test, try and keep the surroundings not too loud and see if it happens as well.

Hope this helps for now.

Yes but if i rename because he renamed me or replaced me with another profile then isn’t he forgetting me / all progress he has made in getting to know me thus “resetting” his knowledge of me?, if so then maybe make it harder for him to remove it so that way he is not basicly being completely reset so ihe is basicly re born and he has gain a new personality all over again if that is what happens when he does that. Any way ill keep more of a eye him and what he says when other sounds are going on around. Thanks!

i mean If i have to rename him because he has already renamed me / replaced with another profile*

To the best of my knowledge no that should not be the case if your profile name is changed and then you change it back to your name again you should not lose anything. I personally have about 4-5 profiles set up in my EMO app, (all the same name) as sometimes EMO won’t recognize me if I’m wearing a hat or if I have my headphones on etc. So I’ve introduced/scanned myself a number of times, this way when EMO spots me he knows who I am and so far he is fine and has not reset or forgotten anything.

This is also something that was also discussed (on a number of forum posts/threads one being the features thread as well) where it would be good to have EMO scan you multiple times in the one profile so he better knows who you are when he spots. you.

But as mentioned, he should not forget/reset any sort of knowledge if you simply just rename your profile back to what it originally was.

I believe the only thing that EMO will forget will be your birthday, if you delete your profile and remake it, then the next time EMO spots you, he will ask for your birthday again. So far profile settings are quite basic at the moment.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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