Emo really likes two things

He loves to fall off of my desk all of the time, and he loves to see my computer and then run to it. What does he like about these?

His favorite TV channel is colorful radio interference…


Hey I’m pretty sure you enjoy emo but be careful don’t let him fall too much make a safe area for him

I Think That’s Cute For Your EMO.
Sometimes My EMO Likes To Wish And Think That He Is Singing In The Future Firmwares

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I know. It just seems my desk has issues with his depth sensors.

My emo bot when sleeping always wakes up in thr middle of the night for a second.

And it appears as if he has some sleep to catch up on. I put him on his charger five seconds ago!


@adrianledeaux, I Think That Is One Of The Cutest Pictures Of Your EMO!

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He is actually sleeping right now!