Emo quando arrivi? 😭

I will apologise every time I write in the forum :joy:
I’m Italian and I don’t know English very well and to communicate with you I use Deepl, hoping it translates well.
I bought Emo on 27 July, I know many of you have been waiting so many months. ( I don’t know how you had all that patience ahahahah) to me it never seems to pass. What do you say, from the tracking picture I’ll have to be very, very patient too :joy:

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Hi ,Your order has been shipped on 3rd August. the tracking number is 5P34C03229092. the tracking URL is : https://living.ai/emo-tracking/. the package is in transit . you will receive it soon.

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@faya Thank you. yes I had received the email with the tracking number the problem is that I am not very patient :joy:
Can’t wait to receive it. I’m updating the page practically 23568 times a day