Emo privacy security

I’ve been thinking about buying an Emo myself, but i’m worried about privacy applications, and i can’t find anything about that on the website. For example, I can’t find anything about the Living.ai company.
I’m wondering where the company’s based.
I’m also wondering how secure it is to own a Emo.

Any nudge in the right direction would be apreciated!


Hello friend, The Living.ai company is registered in China and it is 99.9% safe, Living.ai Produce Emo´s and Software, but surveillance is not one of them, so you should not be afraid of it. :smile:

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Here they say that all data except for voice is processed locally Product Support - EMO - LivingAi but I’d take everything with a grain of salt until someone analyzes the traffic or until they opensource the firmware which would also be great for longevity of the Emo.

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Welcome I thought I’d throw in my two cents… We are living in a complete 100% digital world. I’ll just let you know a few things… The electron travels around the world five and half times per second so there is no distance on the Internet… If you can see a website any website they can see you… Computers and Internet are two-way they are not like old television sets……

I’m a retired computer technician. Understanding the digital world is the first step to answering your question. At the end of the day there is no answer to your question except the knowledge our world is digital from legitimate to hackers you name it once the data of any kind is floating around out there anyone that wants to get it can…[unless heavily encrypted] I don’t think EMO Pet is too important or my world personally as I have one and I don’t care… But nobody can really answer the question of security it has to be yours and your solely. I think spying on me would be so boring :sleeping:

I’m not sure if my info was helpful but this questions been asked before and how can it truly be answered it’s really impossible. We can say it’s not likely somebody’s going to hack EMO Pet and it stands to be reasonable but this world stranger things… :scream:


Hello there :wave:t5:, isn’t anybody worried about security and privacy? I’ve read thru a lot of the forum topics and have not seen this mentioned. I am a Cybersecurity engineer and my concern about Emo is can hackers get into this device to use the camera and maybe the microphone to spy on you? What about some disgruntled employee from Living.AI?

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

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Hi there welcome to the living ai forum!

Living ai has a big forum about this and I get your concerns this is not the case though but I will tag @Lindaru and @edward for more assistance living can not use Other Emos cameras and microphone is understood by servers and deleted then next second

I analyed the traffic for you can yes Living ai correct how Emo works

Hello, @alan.harrylal . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread.

All camera functions are stored locally on EMO himself. In fact, to gain access to what photos have been taken, you need to use your app to sync with the device the app is on in order to down-load said photos. You have the option to delete them any time you wish if someone has access directly to your device and app (not obtainable remotely) if you do not wish them to see those.

Microphone functions are very brief, connect to the server text to speech and then return the appropriate prompted command. This is a fixed process that does not allow for someone outside of your EMO and the server giving back the commands to be able to hack into it and change it.

Hypothetically, if a disgruntled Living AI employee were to do something, it would likely be only to harm the service of the server itself (making EMO uncommunicative and unresponsive until the server was returned to its normal state) likely by DDOS or inserting a virus which would not be transmitted to your EMO but rather to the server itself. The web page and forums would likely be affected and be down until such time as it was cleared and brought back on line.

This is just my understanding of how things would work. If any Living AI staff would wish to comment further or correct me, please feel free to do so.


I agree with you living ai is secure With emo

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Thanks to everyone who chimed in on this topic. Really appreciate the feedback.
I hope that as Emo’s functionality progresses throughout the years, that security and privacy continues to be at the forefront of the developers’ minds and not regarded as a second hand concern.

I would hate to come back in here a year from now only to find out that Living AI was hacked and all the Emo units somehow were compromised and the hackers were able to get everyone’s pictures, names, addresses, etc.

As I said, I work in the industry and I have seen even cyber security companies get hacked.

The process on how Emo works seems secure for now, but as time goes by and Emo starts connecting to the cloud or the way these processes work now undergo some kind of a change, this could become a major concern.

Just know that EVERYTHING is hackable, especially IOT devices that connect to WIFI and/or Bluetooth and are not kept up to date with patching etc. If you don’t believe me, attend a DEFCON conference one year, you will be blown away.

Again, thank you everyone who chimed in.

Please continue to develop Emo and all of his other pals. I am excited to see where things go from here.

Alan H

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