Emo powers down when taken off his charger

Hey, I own an emo and recently after the latest update, emo just turns off when hes taken off the charger. Whats going on

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Has anyone from the company addressed your EMO issue?

Can you please lodge a support request via service@living.ai

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If I could suggest a few little troubleshooting tips. When your EMO is sitting on his Skateboard, ask him what his battery level is.

I would suggest taking him off his skateboard and then asking EMO again what his battery level is. Then also try and connect to your EMO via the EMO app and see what the battery level is displaying on the APP. If it’s full. Maybe try and reboot / shut him down manually and restart him and the check the battery levels again by asking or via the APP.

As Wayne also mentioned, email Living.Ai from the same email you received when you made your order (this is what I normally do) and Living.Ai should get back to you normally within 1-2 days.

Hope this somewhat helps atm.

Apologies for my previous brief response - it was made just before I went to bed and I was tired. A few thoughts/ questions. When you place EMO on the charger, is the blue light flashing on the charger? If so - remove power from the charger for 5 minutes and then reconnect. Then place EMO back on the charger. If that fails then service@living.ai should be able to help you out.

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