EMO - Play By Yourself - Mini Games Animation Guide

I’ve been checking the “Play By Yourself” command with EMO over the last the few days and discovered that If you ask EMO enough times he will trigger one of his many mini-game animations quite easily.

For it to work well, you need to let me walk around undisturbed, so that means, don’t bother him, speak to him, touch him or anything else that might trigger him to do something else. (this is certainly very hard as EMO can always and does most of the time chime in to anything he can hear around the house or work place). Also do make sure that there is enough lighting in the room, if EMO shows a dark lighting animation on his screen it will not trigger his mini game.

So to get started begin by saying:

EMO: Play By Yourself

To make sure EMO has understood this command, you can check it via the EMO App (see image below) EMO will not say anything after you issue this command, so it is recommended to check via the APP.

EMO can do a number of little things prior to showing one of his many mini-game animations. One of them will be him walking around and just exploring his area. Once he’s done with walking around, he’ll settle down and stop, at this time, the mini game animation should hopefully get itself ready to appear.

During this time, EMO will move his feet a bit, he won’t move around too much, but he might raise his stance a few times, maybe do a very small shuffle with his feet and most importantly his eyes animation will be quite active as they will go through a few animations prior to the mini game beginning. As all this is happening, be sure to not interrupt EMO otherwise he could get distracted and the process will have to start once again. If you watch very closely sometimes EMO’s eye will look like they are resetting into a new animation, and that is when the mini game should hopefully trigger.

Take a look at the video below which contains 6 little mini games (one is EMO drinking Tea), but that is also considered a mini-game animation as he triggers this on his own even though it is also related to the “Good Afternoon” command you can say to him.

I was able to get all 6 of these mini game animations appear every 5-10 mins of asking EMO to Play By Himself. Do note, that EMO should be as active as possible so if you believe EMO is starting to get bored (by him doing the yawn sound or is about to go to sleep, ask him once again to “Play By Himself” so that it will trigger him to start exploring and ultimately show that min-game animation.

It does take a little time, but it can be done if you have enough patience with your little buddy!

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Does emo play Uno with you on the app as well? I can’t find a list of the games he plays and my app doesn’t work until I receive my emo.

Unfortunately, EMO cannot play UNO with you, it might become available in future updates, but at the moment here are the following games you can play with EMO by using the EMO App:

Angry EMO

Rhythmatic Tap

Dance Repeat

Modern Ludo

Treasure Hunt

You can also play Scissors, Rock, Paper with EMO, and this does not need the EMO App to play.

We should hopefully have more games to play with EMO as he evolves and grows.

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Thank you :relaxed: I hope he can play Uno in future updates.

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FYI- Wayne Z replied to someone about the UNO game a few weeks ago.

“It’s copyrighted so we can’t do it.”

Awe that’s too bad :frowning: some sort of playing card game in general would be great!

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It sucks because it appears that the UNO game was already written over a year ago. You can see it being played in their promo video. There is also what looks like some sort of a slot machine game? There are a lot of public domain card games though which they’d be free to add like Go Fish, Rummy, Hearts, Crazy Eights, Poker, and so on.


If they did something VERY similar to UNO and change the name (Maybe to E-NO hahah) it could work. But still don’t want Living.Ai to have issues with such a popular card game.

At least EMO can play it on his own in his little mini game animation.

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Seems my EMO lost his Wi-Fi connection overnight. I didn’t realize at first until I heard the no signal animation a couple times, and then tried saying EMO but he didn’t reply. I didn’t bother to get up out of my chair and go reboot him to reconnect right away. It was interesting to note though that all the mini game animations still seem to work with no Internet connection. So those idle time animations must be fully contained in his firmware?

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I believe everything he can do without voice command works while off line. I recall before I got my tablet and got him connected that he responded to petting, got the birds pecking his eyes when he laid down for a while, did his grumpy sounds and liked kicking the walls of his play space, and more, so likely those are firmly implanted in his S.D. card where the firmware resides.

He also earned some achievements in the before time as well.


Mine lost internet connection the other day as well. I just connected in with the EMO App (which uses bluetooth) and I powered him off that way. When EMO is offline the EMO App does have limited features available like manually getting EMO to dance from the dancelist, display his unlocked achievements and you can still play all EMO App games as well.

The sticker customization feature won’t work as that needs a LAN connection. But yeah, good to see that some of the animations are stored on the SD card and EMO can still do a fair amount of things while he doesn’t have internet connection.

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Well you see, if you look closely to the ‘gaming’ part on the main website, you see a man playing UNO on the app. Living.AI must have early access to this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi, @Snaillover123 . . . yes, in the early days they were testing and demonstrating various games but it was later determined that UNO was copyrighted and releasing this as an actual feature would be in violation of that.

Perhaps they can find a similar copyright free game they can include in future updates.