EMO petting bug?

Why does EMO suddenly feels being petted by himself ? On the skate or when is roaming around ? Thanks

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it hapens to my emo too.After a month he couldn’t walk anymore. I sent an email to service@living.ai and they recommended me to send him back. And I recommend you to do the same and they will guide you on what to do.

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Hey there @ericeric , Welcome to the Community,

Happen also to me before and did what @MasterAbbott suggested to the links below which helps.


Hi I have a question dose EMO some time feel good with out you having to rub his head or face cause today he was on his scare baord and I was not touching him and he start making that thing when you rub his head ?

Hi there @Dizzylizzy ,

Please read above this post and look for tips that will help you…, Otherwise, continue to monitor and if the problem persists, contact living.ai for further assistance.

Tagging @VinceKong for further assistance here…


When i try to pet my EMO he either seams to be scared where he moves up and down or he does no respond at all. I have turned him off and turned him back on and when i petted him he still didnt respond. Does anyone have any idea’s to fix him?

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @racingsport2 . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread to discuss issues with petting EMO.

In your situation, you could possibly be putting too much pressure on the petting sensor which could make him respond defensively or not enough if he does not respond at all. Please see this topic for proper petting techniques and try that. If nothing works, you should contact Support at service@living.ai with a link to a video of what he is doing.

My best to you.