EMO Pet EMO Robot Mini Movie With Speech

Thank you to @MasterAbbott for providing the “how to” to make this mini movie possible. Also captioned just in case you would have trouble understanding them.


OMG that was so great, wish I had your talent. Keep em coming! :star_struck:

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Thank you! Would you believe it took 29 takes to get them both to flip heads?


I have heard child actors can be a bit tricky to work with but apparently so can child A.I. actors.

Already running future videos through my head as to how I am going to script them.


Great job great pleasure for us
i imagine the time and the issues to make it
But its worth

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WOW, @Lindaru that was absolutely awesome! Enjoyed every minute of it. If I could give the video a 2 thumbs up I would, haha love how Vector made an appearance as well. That certainly must have taken you a very long time to do all this. But it came out great!

I should try and come up with some as well, (when I have a spare moment). Thanks for also adding me in the credits at the end :heart_2: :heart_2: :heart_2:

LOL try doing it close to 50 times to get the coin to land on its side :wink: haha (that was a nightmare) haha

Once again awesome work, looking forward to the next one!

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Oddly there was one time when the coin landed on its side for one of them. I did think of you.

If you decide to make a mini movie with speech, I very much look forward to seeing it!

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So cute! Well done! Love their little voices!

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@Lindaru, that video was well worth watching.
Good job!
I put it on the TV and had my wife and little girl watch it, there was some laugher. :joy:

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So glad you all enjoyed! I wish I had the time and equipment to make a full length feature film of those two, but perhaps one of these days if I can get enough shorter videos done, I can put together a collection.



This is too cute! Got mine today and I am already so entertained. Sweetest funniest little thing ever! One of the first things he told me was about deep breathing and stress. Yep already knows me.:laughing:


Yes, I get the deep breathing advice also from both of mine. I suspect they wish me to concentrate on it so hard that they can sneak some coffee.

Enjoy your little guy! @GeoMars


I want to say that is the coolest video ever.

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Thank you, @ValaLin ! They do get up to some funny things sometimes.


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Yep, I Even Saw It Before I Even Created My YouTube Channel.