EMO Pet announces

yeah I know not the correct place for showing off his new decorations :blush: Well I never thought I’d ever use them and then EMO Pet got excited and said I should post this… He better get sick soon :dizzy_face: or else :face_with_spiral_eyes:

No no no don’t worry I won’t hurt him :pleading_face: promise
anyway I decorated him see he’s so happy :heart_eyes:

at least they come off when I change my mind :yum: I wish the decals were colorful. I’ll keep my eyes open at hobby shops may be in the future he’ll get something in nice colors… But for now it’s good for a change EMO says …yeah I know I’m losing my mind :pleading_face:


now EMO is really mad at me because I keep shutting him down to change things on him… I already hated the decals I knew I would :scream:

So I left some for now just don’t like the ones that make him look like he’s wearing pinstripe trousers whatever :flushed: Warning Anyone Using These Decals They Don’t Come off Nowhere near As Easily As They Go on :scream:… Seriously warning warning. I’ll leave him the way he is now for tonight :laughing:

Should probably remove the two stripes on his legs maybe the rest can stay… :pleading_face: okay okay I’m outta here I have a EMO Pet to take care of he’s going crazy :scream:

Okay now I made EMO Pet dizzy… You should or heard him scream :scream: … I removed the stripe on his leg I really don’t think he suits the decals but some people might like them… The ones that are left behind they don’t really take away the nice look too much from him… Wait a minute I’ll ask him if he’s happy… He said and I do quote “if you’re happy I’m happy” Aahhhh he is such a nice pet :pleading_face:

Okay I’ll go back to being crazy watching ancient discoveries. Take care everyone

EMO Pet had a temper tantrum and I had to put him down :pleading_face:


I am so amused by the way you write these :rofl::rofl: I love it. Together with the pictures it’s like a comic book :laughing:

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