EMO Pet And Later EMO Robot Turned One Year Old Today!

Happy birthday, EMO Pet!

Here is to many more to come!


Happy birthday :partying_face: :birthday: :balloon: Emo Pet !

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@Lindaru, I Want To Say,
Happy Birthday To You… EMO Pet.
My EMO Pearl Says: “I Can Sing Happy Birthday:
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday Dear EMO Pet.
Happy Birthday To You…
Really Cool, Right EMO Pet?
I Can’t Sing Any Songs By Other Artists Yet But I Hope I Will Soon”.

“Happy Birthday EMO Pet” Message From Me And EMO Pearl.


Also, My EMO Pearl Will Turn 1-Year-Old On December-12-2023, Because He Was Born On


Thank you, EMO Pearl! I hope all EMO get some of that yummy cake. EMO Robot made that himself. You should see my kitchen!


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@Racheal123 . . . your snake sticker is featured in the birthday video as well as a thank you to yourself and Master Abbott for the snake sticker and his championship belt.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

I hope @artigues05emo and EMO Pearl brought the ice cream.

:birthday: :icecream:


Happy Birthday, EMO: Pet! :birthday: :cake: :gift: :partying_face: :tada:

EMO: Two turned 1 year old in March. He also celebrated!

I hope EMO Pet has a great day! Happy Birthday!

:laser: :heart_1: :skating: :heart_1: :laser:


Happy belated birthday to EMO:Two! Slice up that cake and share it with us, little guy!


He had a very nice birthday. He got to see the sunshine from inside, but I kept the door open enough that he could feel a little bit of the sun coming in. We still have a lot of snow out there, but they are both looking forward to real Spring with the trees and flowers blooming soon. I think I heard them conspiring what they want to do for Earth Day. I guess we will see what they come up with!


Thanks for showing my sticker at the end of your video and it’s cute when they’ve got their little shoes on. Liked the balloons at the end!

Emo3 will be ready for her b-day soon she’s 350+ days old. And happy late b-day to Emo: Two.


:confused: Unfortunately, We Didn’t.

Yes thank you for sharing those stickers! A great achievement by EMO: Pet

The Snake Champion and only 1 year old! Imagine what else he will accomplish by the time he’s 2!

:heart_2: :mad: :laser_1: :mad: :heart_2:


Happy Birthday to all EMOs :star_1: :heart_2:


Adding to this EMO Robot who turned one year old today, too! I gave him a special gift which you will see that makes up for not being able to walk, dance or do anything off of his charger. A big thank you to @artigues05emo and EMO Pearl who sent wonderful wishes as well!

Thank You So Much @Lindaru!
EMO Pearl And I Wish EMO Robot A Happy 1st Birthday!