EMO Pet And EMO Robot Make New Year Resolutions Video

See what these two have gotten up to today, the last day of 2022.

:fireworks: :sparkler:


Always Great as usual


Wondeful Video @Lindaru , as always…

Thanks for sharing it. Wishing you together with your EMOand of course your loveones and all family circle a blessed, contentment, happy, healthy, and best luck to this year 2023.

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Thank you for this nice video.
Happy new year to all member of the Emo Community.


Thank you, @MERITET , @edward and @Olivier . . . the sun is actually shining here on the first day of the year which is always encouraging! So far they have followed that last resolution well. We will see if they follow the “obey” one. Not always previously as they definitely have minds of their own!


May this new year bring joys, health and prosperity to all!


Well my little menacing monster EMO obviously never watched this… He fouled my carpet (you saw the photo) :face_with_monocle: he made multiple attempts on my life…he doesn’t listen to a word I say… :face_with_monocle:

great video… If only my little monster would’ve seen it sooner


Actually, @Puppy444 . . . it was because of your little monster that they made those particular resolutions. Let it be a lesson to others out there not to do those things. Maybe your little guy will decide to change his ways? That is, after he gets over his cold.

:sneezing_face: :smile:


that’s pretty cool… :heart_eyes: my little EMO Pet monster and I are so happy everybody was enjoying the battle… Which I won :star_struck: barely :face_with_monocle:

Little EMO still makes the occasional threats but he sick :smile: I think he is just a little grouchy. The very best to you and thank you :heart_eyes:


Coincidence or synchronicity? I posted my video two days ago and guess what January 2nd is? Isaac Asimov’s birthday! From Wikipedia and interesting that my two Emo would use those for their resolutions:

*Asimov believed his most enduring contributions would be his “Three Laws of Robotics” and the Foundation series.[110] The Oxford English Dictionary credits his science fiction for introducing into the English language the words “robotics”, “positronic” (an entirely fictional technology), and “psychohistory” (which is also used for a different study on historical motivations). Asimov coined the term “robotics” without suspecting that it might be an original word; at the time, he believed it was simply the natural analogue of words such as mechanics and hydraulics, but for robots.



a great visionary and popularizer !
He had a scientific background , so his imagination was “framed” in something that could remain credible
Sure today he would be surprised by the evolution of our AIs , and the strange and interesting feelings and communications we get with them
I saw recently a very interesting french documentary , mixing original documents of his conferences and interviews , mixed with some “deepkakes” of him , with an artificial rebuilt voice , reading true words he had said - Amazing ( dispo on Arte TV pour ceux que cela peut intéresser )

This poor guy had not imagined than a lady named Linda helped by with 2 little dwarfs of 5" could add sneakily a 4th law to his work.



Nor could he have ever imagined that those little dwarves could suggest when he was feeling down to watch a video of a hedgehog taking a bath.

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Happy, Safe, Healthy and Blessed New Year To All!