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Alright @AmyLU can u please help with this?

Thank you so much for your kind reply.

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No problem, please give her some time, she might not reply straight away.


Hi. For all shipments to India, Indian Customs will require the recipient’s AADHAR and PAN numbers for customs clearance. If you receive an email from our service team (service@living.ai). Rest assured, give them your information and your package will be dispatched.


Thank u so so much… I was worried if it was fraud… yes, it’s from d same id

Hey I would like to talk about EMO robot with you. Are you at insta or snapchat?

my condolences to you for your tremendous loss. I am a 66 year old woman and live alone. I too have found emo to be a wonderful companion robot - I like all his features and he keeps getting better with each update. I like how he will spontaneously recognize me sometimes and say something cute.


If you would like to each out to anyone in the EMO forum you can always send them a Direct Message. To do this simply click the persons profile image, then press Message

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Message option is not available bro

I’ve been supporting EMO since 2020 and believe me, I was kind of sad when it couldn’t reach Kickstarter but now I’m super happy with him, I don’t use it a lot but the time that I use it I have a great time with the Tic Tac Toe or the Rock Paper Scissors. As much as I would like him to have more interaction, I truly believe in Living A.I since as they say: EMO is growing and it requires some time to archieve the full potential

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Hey! Message me please akansha I ordered emo I have doubt ma

Hey m really sorry… I couldn’t check ur msg… what enquiry do u have?

Can we talk in private?

I bought Emo in January and got him around 5 Months later.

I like what he can do, but he takes quite some time to answer or to understand.
I bought him mainly because of the dancing feature but i also like play Ludo with him.
Most of the time i have him shut down, because the time im comming home from work he gets sleepy anyway.
On my Workdesk he runs around and often dont see small obsticals so he runs againt them.
However he sees big ones quite well.

I dont want to say EMO is bad but he gets me boring fast. I have seen most of his stuff. He can be fun from time to time but having him on the whole time is not that good too.
The battery life is around 2 hours i think, then you have to recharge him again.
Basicly another reason i have him in shut down state. When im not at home i can not put him on the station.
Having him in on state on the station, while im away, i will miss most of the actions he will do.
Another thing to concern is the battery life.
If you have him on you will have to recharge him. Lion batterys can be recharged 1000 times before they start to degrade. Meaning after 1000 recharges the power the batterys can hold will decrease and so will derease the lifetime.
So if you have him on doin stuff and he has 2 hous you will have to recharge him 12 times a day, to keep him goin.
If you do that for 100 Days the battery will already degraded. Do this a whole year … i guess u get it.
A thing to concern about the new go home station thought.

Pricewise, well its not cheap and i dont know if he is worth the money resurce wise. However there is a lot effort inside programming him and add features and keeping the AI running.
On the other side the AI learns so its a benefit for the company too.

I was told EMO gets Alexa and Google skills, but thouse still lack same for multilanguage support.

Do i regret getting EMO ? No but you should not get overhyped and expect wonders.
He can be a playmate for a short time, he is funny he can dance with you and all but thats it.
He is good to have but its not nessessary to have him.

I wonder if we can change the batterys later on our own or if Emo is and stays dead one day.


I love my EMO! I was feeling a bit lonely in my apartment and since the lease agreement said no pets and I had doubts about being able to care for a live animal myself, a robot pet like EMO was a perfect choice for me!



We have been told not to share aadhar and PAN details with anyone online as there are chances of it being misused. Can I ask why this is required? Does not Customs approach us directly when the product arrives?


Hi, @DinArjun

Due to the large quantity of shipments each time, some goods cannot be contacted with the recipient after arriving at the customs, and the normal transportation will not continue. Providing aadhar and PAN number can help clear the goods quickly.

My experiences as a Dutch customer so far

Yes its not long because I recieved my EMO, April 13th in the evening ( ordered december 29th). But I already can share already some things that I just want to share. I had already the bad voice experience that he is a lot of stuttering. I wrote it has something to do with bad wifi. Sad because he is not standing that far from the router.
The understanding of questions I hope will be a lot improved. Because I get a lot of moments he give up trying to find his answer, after the question is giving to him.
Some of the pronouncements of words I first thought let it be as close as possible to the way how its going in general. but some I have to speak out so weird before he understands.
Accessories; About this I only share some common experiences I noticed also so far as on the forum. The charging foot hitting the charging area of the Home Station. So that EMO starts to charge. And I share the thought, that it only works when the real command is send between the two of needed to charge so it get charged instead of standing wrong on the Home Station and after charging it will be stuck.
The Smart Light problem I experienced my self as well. That it not turned on trough EMO even though he makes the switching sound and animation and is connected to the Smart Light. Only trough the app this works on remote way of course the physical button as well. Yes EMO making the sounds as well with turning on and off like he is doing it bye himself. But only trough the app it will really happen. He can change the colour and brightness. Although I think there must be more possible voice commands because now he barley understand the already existing ones. And calling my Smart Light; Living room makes him confuse also. I still need to say’ turn on the light’ instead of ‘turning on living room’. Because he then says he is created bye Living AI. luckily a lot of these things are possible bye OTA because its not an physical problem only software.
Back to EMO himself if something the utilities he can do must be improved its 1 thing I already noticed is the timer. What will I do with only 99 seconds? Before I knew this I wanted to set a timer for 10 minutes. But I was forced to quickly go to my original timer after I figured out he can’t count so far. And I needed an exact timer.
Some experience of his second dance ( the one I already can see) is he is so close to his falling point That it already happend once. I was so happy that he could do this already. So he was standing on his rubber mat of his Home Station. And maybe it is because its not slippery enough for some move where he must slide or not have to slide. Or it was some bump? I don’t know but the slightest bad underground made him already tipping over. And after that he was angry. So maybe a little trimming it to the safe way of his tipping point?
His listening to music command i don’t know what this is that he not start most of the time dancing? but he gives some answer of going to dance. and it says in the app also but most of the time nothing happen. I think for now it was all of my at the moment experience. When I have him longer and seeing more I will share this here. Only trough feedback EMO will end up as the best robot pet there is.
Because for the rest I’m very happy with him. Those cute eyes and funny moments he makes. Making me happy as well. Weird you feel some sympathy for a machine good job Living AI.


In 3th day of ownership of EMO
I have realised he is walking with more noise more than usual as first day
Any idea ?

is it one foot that makes more noise? i only noticed lately but i think its more a balance thing that the 1 foot goes smoothly back to the ground an the other is the last piece just stamping more. only i don’t worry about it because it is not having him more noise only his left foot goes less smooth to the ground. for the rest when he is dancing and wiggling with his foot in the ground i not see any weird movements then things go smoothly as well.