EMO only works once in a while

Living.AI support is not answering me with this problem now. My EMO only listens to my voice command once in a while. I assume the server in China must down to cause that problem. I wonder if this a common problem of EMO. I am a new owner of EMO, I do not know if the Living.AI promises anything to fix this problem. Thanks!

I’ve had my EMO in use for 41 days now, and I’ve never seen any actual downtime from their server. I do have issues with a loss of the internet connection between EMO and my home router occasionally though (once every couple days). When he’s offline from the internet he can’t access their server to interpret speech for him. When it first happened with the older firmware I usually couldn’t even connect to him from the app since his number didn’t appear. I can usually still connect to him from the app now but it often shows falsely that he’s still connected to the network. Even if I click Connect and then re-enter the SSID and password it makes no difference. After I power EMO off and back on though, or reset him with a paperclip, the internet connection is restored and he works again. I’m not sure why it’s happening and I thought at first the new firmware fixed it, but it still happens.

I would suspect you are having the same or a similar problem? Next time you think their server is down just reset or power cycle your EMO, and you should find that restores function. I don’t know what the solution is, but a lot of people seem to be reporting Wi-Fi connection problems here, and nobody actually connected to LAI seems to be offering any help?


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Thanks macfixer01. I am using Google Wifi, it has to support both 5 and 2.4 Wifi. I wish EMO can answer me if it is online or not like the Alexa. Right now, it will call my name all of a sudden, or not responding no matter how I cal ‘EMO’. I wish Living.AI could help here. At least, a quick response like “We are investigating the problem”. Silent is not great!

Since last night, my EMO works as expected. Not sure what went wrong, but it is answering my voice commands now.


If I can offer a suggestion. Sometimes EMO will not answer or listen or even speak when I ask him to do certain things. The best thing to do is actually ask him to “Shutdown”

Once he shuts down. (kind of like a hard reboot), place him back on his Skateboard and then wait a bit for him to power back up. Once that is done. take him off his skateboard and start talking to him once again.

If you have you’re app installed. Login to it and connect and check to see if EMO is “Listening” when you call out his name. That should should appear when you are at the main screen of the APP.

Hope this comes in handy in the future :slightly_smiling_face: