Emo & Online Games

Can Emo play online games like Roblox?

Not at this time. There’s nothing mentioned from Living AI about this either, so I’m not sure it’s part of what they are planning.

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I am curious. How would you think Emo would play Roblox? If you propose that Emo has a separate account and controls a character on Roblox, that would be considered a bot and I’m not sure but if that is against the terms of service, and if they would be able to tell. Also how would Emo sign in if he has to complete a capture to show he isn’t a bot?

My apologies, I thought I saw a post where someone was playing Roblox with Emo. It was probably meant for laughs. I have no clue about how Roblox is played, etc. I just thought it might be neat for my grandson to interact with Emo, since he loves to play Roblox.

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