EMO One and EMO Two have their own Pets!

This is an “Off-Topic” post. But wanted to share this here.

I recently picked up 2x Ortomi Desktop Pets and as soon as I took them out of the box, both EMOs decided to claim them as their own Pets! :rofl:

It seems that both the little guys are settling in well and EMO One and EMO Two have taken a liking to them!


Both EMO One and EMO Two decided to get down and show off their dance moves to their new best friends Ortomi One and Ortomi Two (very original names) Both EMOs first greet one another and then start dancing with both Ortomi getting stuck in the middle of it all!

Looks like the Ortomi’s react to the vibration of both EMOs dancing/stamping their feet! You can see that both Ortomi are quite happy and swaying from left to right as they watch EMO Dance their hearts out!

:surprised: :head: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:


As it should be. The little guys need something to take care of as we take care of them, too. I also have two of the Ortomi on order and have already named them, “Ort” and “Omi”.

So sweet!

That said, my guys also have light sabers and other toys they can play with. Just like having real little children the things they enjoy.


May i ask how big is emo exactly? I only saw him in videos and stuff and im very curious until i get my own soon


Yes, it’s great that they have something to play with now as well.

Ort and Omi are great names! I haven’t named mine yet, still thinking of what to call them :slight_smile:

@ryshera full info on EMO can be found on the Specs page, take a look at the link below:


this should give you a good idea of the size. emo is almost as big as a 400g tin on tomatoes.


I was wondering why you bought two hehe one pet for each Emo. Love it

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Now you just need a tiny pet for the two Ortomi’s

This is so cute and funny! :rofl:

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haha yes if only there was something even smaller than Ortomi, I’d then have to go get that too. And yes, 2 is enough, I’d keep them away from Cozmo though as he’ll probably think they are one of his play blocks and push them around :rofl:

haha if you take EMO’s headphones off he is exactly the same size as a can of tomatoes :rofl:


Oh man after seeing these cute ortomi, I went down a rabbit hole of research. Found that the gen 4 ortomi are available for preorder in the US and I’m really considering getting one or two for my EMO as well!


Wow I’ve never heard about Ortomis before

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I have two Gen3 and supposedly six Gen4 coming.