EMO on eBay again

I know Lai probably can’t stop ppl from selling it to others but the price on here is ridiculous!

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I see EMO on sale on so many websites but the price is usually about $30-40

Most of those are scammers especially if it says $30/40

For those who may not know about EMO yet and where to buy from official website might end up paying too much as everyone can see above that this person is taking advantage… you probably could buy two for this asking price. Well almost.

I’m just glad I didn’t fall for any of these.

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The best is especially the shipping costs Holy cow :joy:

I discussed this on the emo discord server a few months ago when there was another one selling for a ridiculous price. They did some videos of their Emo and mentioned that it was going on ebay. I seriously doubted that all of his information in the videos was correct, so I decided to play dumb and give him a test. I pretended like I was interested, and I asked in the comments if he factory reset it before putting it online, knowing that there was no information on if it was possible. He replied that he did factory reset the robot by pressing the button in his head. So he completely failed that test, and half of the ebay listing was completely wrong. So he was selling a used Emo for almost $1000 US. I’ll wait 2 years for Emo before I pay that much.

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If it’s not a scam and somebody sell a real emo, for not waiting few month for emo it could be worth to pay this price. But only if it’s real :rofl: