Emo on a glass table

Has anyone ever put their EMO on a glass table, does it respond normally?, does it walk well?, doesn’t it fall? does anyone have a video?

I have not tried this, I think it depends if the glass table has any tint on it. Keen to hear other peoples input.

Hi @natansalles / @Wayne_Small

Just did a test with EMO walking / dancing on my glass arcade cabinet, the glass is clear, not tinted, but the color of the wood that the glass is resting on is black, from this test it doesn’t seem to pose and sort or issues for EMO to walk around on.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a see through glass table / coffee table to test that, but I still believe it shouldn’t cause a problem either way.

In the video, I was able to get EMO walk around, and also dance without his feet sensors reporting an issues.

See video below.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH, I have a glass table in my studio that EMO will have space to have fun

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Not a problem at all! Glad I was able to help :slight_smile:

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