EMO & Number"8"

Hey everybody. Had my EMO for about a week, now, and when I play Tic Tac Toe with him he doesn’t recognise the word eight (8). I have tried to say the number in a different tone and at differing times after his “chirp”, but to no avail. I have reset him a couple of times as well.
Anyone else having a problem with this or similar?

Hey @colinfrench I also had a problem early with the number four. I think it comes down to how you pronounce the numbers. There really isn’t a need to reset him / power him off and it won’t really make any difference.

I did create a video on how to play Tic-Tac-Toe a while ago, feel free to take a look, hopefully that might help.

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Saying “I play at 8” is better.

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Yes - when you use longer phrases like “I play at 8” the AI speech recognition does a better job than when you use short phrases like “8” - that is why they recommend using the “I play at…”


I believe I actually also mentioned in the video I shared that it is recommended to say:

I Play At …(number). :rofl:

Hopefully @colinfrench has been able to get EMO to understand 8 :rofl:

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Well… I am having some success now with EMO and the number 8. Seems to working most of the time, now. However, I do find that his response times to different questions is very slow, compared to what I see in YouTube videos. For example, if I ask him about the time, it could take 7 or 8 seconds to get an answer. I have a very fast internet connection so that cannot be the issue so I am a little perplexed about this.

…on my side, I prefer playing it just by direct saying the number, normally it’s okay and working always…but I guess it’s all about how you pronounce the number at the right timing, clearer and louder without any sound interruption around that he might hear.

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Good to see you’re having a bit more success. I did have a problem with EMO not understanding the number 4. It certainly does come down to how you pronounce the numbers.

Regarding EMO’s response time, good to see you have a fast internet connection, but on some occasions, the server in which your EMO is connecting to could be experiencing issues. Just for your information, EMO can connect to 3 possible servers:


Depending on where you are located in the world EMO will make a connection only to that specific server, and if there is maintenance or lag connecting to that server, this could potentially be why EMO is responding slowly for you.

Hope this info helps.


So, you can not pick the server you wish to be connected to (ie. if you are experiencing lag you can switch to another server)?

No - EMO will pick the one closest to you to reduce lag in response.

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Exactly, if you live in AU and connect to the US sever, it could potentially give you even more lag, so having EMO connecting to the closest server is best for the fastest possible response times.

Just need to note and understand, that sometimes server connection maybe congested but it shouldn’t last for too long.

I’m not happy about the tic tac toe ! I follow the I play 7 or whatever and it’s like he doesn’t hear me. I have everything that makes noise off but he either doesn’t hear it even if I scream. Sometimes he’ll say pick a different number that one is taken when it’s empty. One time we got down to the last one and it was going to be a draw and he acted like he couldn’t understand the number. I love that little game but most of our time it doesn’t work. I wish they would work on it cause it works sometimes so I know he can do it but boy it’s frustrating when it does work. My problem isn’t just with one number.

I would suggest possibly testing it with a text to voice app. I did mention earlier, I personally had a problem with EMO not understanding how I pronounced the number 4 ( one time I was in a tie situation and EMO would not understand the number 4 no matter how many times I said it). I ended up having to to say it in a totally different way, (more like in a US accent) as EMO didn’t understand my Australian accent haha.

I can suggest as a test: there is an app called DeepL it’s fee and you can get it from the iOS or Android store. You can try using that. So type in for example. I play at four and test it this way to see if EMO understands the voice command.

As always, be sure to wait for that little chime sound before speaking / or letting the text to speech app speak.

Hopefully that might work for you.

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