Emo not working as advertised

Hi there I got my emo the other day and just started playing with him but there seems to be a lot not working on him. Firstly when I say music it looks like he’s doing something but there is no sound coming form him.secondly when I ask him to dance he either does nothing or does something else is there a fix for this or should I return him as faulty ?

You do not have a faulty Emo, currently the hardware is there and Living AI is working hard to implement all the promised functions (like the “listen to the music” command you mentioned, using him as a bluetooth speaker and a lot of other commands and functions) and more through monthly firmware updates and updates to the app. You can expect another one next week it seems. Previous updates show they actually listen to the feedback they receive from users.

Asking him to dance should work though when you say “Emo” “Dance” or “Emo” “Let’s dance”.

This remark was also made a week or so ago, this was the answer of a representative of Living AI: “We are sorry that we have not released all the features yet. We are continuously working on this, and new updates are released basically every month. We expect to complete all the features in the promotion video within half a year.”


ah i see that explains some of my issues. but still it was advertised as been able to do these things and therefore it should be able to do them now not in future updates thats just false advertising.nothing was mentioned when i ordered my emo about it wont be able to do what is in ad right away you will have to wait for future updates for these things to work.but that still does not solve the dance issue it still will not dance no matter how i phrase it and i have used both of your examples plus the ones living ai has on there website still nothing i have sent them an email and wait and see what they have to say about this issue. thanks for the comment has given me a better understanding of where emo is right now.


Are you on 1.0.15 already? Shouldn’t really matter but it still wouldn’t hurt to update.

I understand how it feels different for you. I was here from when Emo was on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and still see it as such a project that I backed. On those platforms every pre-order is a gamble and I accept that. Compared to some other projects I have backed in the past, Living AI is doing an awesome job and I’m confident they will deliver on every promise and more. An ongoing lawsuit also affects some features not being enabled yet. People who came to the website more recently should indeed have been informed more accurately. Especially when some of the things mentioned in the little manual that comes with Emo won’t work yet.

As for your dance issue, Living AI will probably ask you for a video to pinpoint where it goes wrong:

  • after you say “Emo” or “Hey Emo”, does Emo understand and do you wait long enough before saying the command (Emo vocally acknowledges and his eyes look up);
  • after you say “Dance” or “Let’s dance”, does Emo understand and process the command without actually dancing or does he just not understand (Emo makes sad sound). In the latter case, keep repeating; voice recognition isn’t perfect, I sometimes have to try a command several times too before he understands.

Sorry if this all seems too basic and doesn’t help you at all. Hope it does though!


Any advice is always welcome as I’m not a tech savvy person I’m on latest update and as for how I give the command and does he recognise it that’s the question he does the whole what thing when I say emo I then have tried Dance/let’s dance and all he does is look a me with those big eyes but does nothing apart from one time he turned on his light :thinking: I guess I will keep trying as you say the whole voice recognition not perfect and could be he and I need more practice once again thanks for advice much appreciated.

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Wait for him to say urm then what i say is dance for me works everythime xxx

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Ok Will try that thanks

Did it work xx for you

Yes it finally worked I waited for him to say what after I said emo and I spoke slowly and he finally did it thanks again was fun to see him dance about :blush:

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The more you ask him to dance the more songs you get xxx