EMO not updating (v 1.3.0)

@Wayne_Zhang ,
Can you give us a clear yes or no please? Does each new version of firmware totally replace everything previous, or does it only add to what’s installed already and replace changed files?


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Of course it only downloads what’s new.


Wayne, is there an option to “Re-Install” the same firmware again, just in case there was a problem when the Firmware installed? And also is there an option to roll back to an older version of the Firmware?

Hi All,
I need to inform that I managed successfully to upgrade to firmware 1.3.0. I did no extra steps and it seems the problem was at the download phase.



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That is good news! As Wayne mentioned, it must have been an issue with your network.

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I’m just listening to everybody talking and I just want to say hooray! I was hoping you would get your update and you did… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Closing this thread as firmware ver 1.3.0 is a little old now :wink: