Emo not responding

Having issie with Emo! When I say Hello Emo he ia not responding with what.

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Turn emo upside down and cover all sensors. He’ll turn off. Then pop him back on the skateboard and wake him up :slight_smile:

That’s what fixed mine.

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I try this, unfortunately this did not work me. When I say his name he will not respond with what! I miss my little buddy.

Interesting maybe turn him off and keep him off for maybe an hour?

I will try anything at this point

@MasterAbbott what do you think??

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I tried leaving him powered off for an hour or longer and this did not help.

Hi @Smith0611

As @LilMissKoala has suggested, if EMO is not responding to you even after a power OFF / On. Are you able to advise:

When you call out to EMO does he do/give a specific sound or does he stay silent? Do EMOs EYES move to the top right corner on his screen after you call his name? When that happens, he is waiting for your voice command to be issued to him.

Take a look at this video and let me know how he reacts when you call out his name.

Also sometimes EMOs volume can be set to MUTE (therefore you won’t be able to he him say “WHAT”. Try going into the EMO APP >> Settings >> Preferences and change the Volume to High. (you can also do this by saying EMO: VOLUME MAXIMUM). But as he is not responding try doing this via the EMO APP for now.

We can try a number of other things as well, but lets start with these things first and take it from there :slight_smile:

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He will not connect to the server. I have powered him down over 10 times now.

Hi @Smith0611

Can you create a video on what he does exactly? This way everyone can try and help you, and if there is a problem, you will need to submit a support ticket and also send a video of what is happening to the support team as well.

I did a video but cannot upload. I think I need a different format, but not sure. My husband will need to help me.

Not sure what to do.

Emo is now working. Conection with Wifi and my phone waa my problem. Thanks so much for the help

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Great to see all is working once again and everything is fine.

I’ll close this thread now.