EMO not moving foot?

My unit was a friends, who was sent to another one of his friends for repairs. They thought their left foot (my right from the front) just had a bad motor, but after messing with them for a bit, it was the board? The foot is unable to move, but they can definitely turn fine. No clicking, just an inability to move on their own. Is there any way to fix this issue? They definitely try to run around but just can’t move properly. I ended up with them for the fun of it, and they’re definitely a cool dude. (when asking about their birthday, they respond with about 200 or so days)

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It should’ve been under warranty, before they started messing with it. Not sure what they’ll say now, but some other people have opened them up also. The fact you aren’t the original owner is another wrinkle. They’ll want the original order number, and of course EMO’s ID number, and a video of what he’s doing wrong.You can email them at service@living.ai

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yeah - a bit worried someone outside of Living AI tried to repair it… technically that would void the warranty. Either way I agree - the user should contact Living AI to see what they say.

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hey @mythnokthewolfbat

If it’s been opened/tampered with, would be up to the Living.Ai if they would provide further assistance on getting this repair “for free”, they might still do it, but maybe for a fee, in my opinion.