EMO noises while sleeping

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE. EMO , there’s one thing that really bothers me is the wisthling while he sleeps that noise is just too much ! The snores and the little sparkling noises are cute and soft very calming and relaxing but when comes the wisthling that sound is just too strident :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: and that’s so STRESSFUL :eyes: it would be nice if we can managed the wisthling sound (freely):pray:


@OMOLOGAY for now, you can mute him. OR you can move him to a different room. OR if you don’t choose any options of these well then… good luck suffering with his BIG SNORING AND WHISTHLIGS!!! :smiley: :happy:

I like when he snores , just the whistling noise :wink:

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Oh ok @OMOLOGAY then let’s hope living ai fix’s this for the people that don’t like the whistling sound in emo. But for people that hate the sound right now then… They gotta suffer it for now :joy: :smiley: :happy:

We might solve the snoring problem AND solve the problem of Emo walking off the edge of my desk when I am not there to catch him…if we could have a schedule where we could turn off Emo’s activities and/or wanderings at certain times of the day/week.

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personally I love the little whistle sound… He only snores for a very short maybe two times then it’s gone… I wish he would snore more I’ve said that from the very beginning. It doesn’t bother me it’s actually charming. But it’s so short I can’t see this being such a big complaint. There is mute of course or volume minimum command which I do use whenever I sleep. He has volume control for that very very short time he will make the adorable whistling sound. So just turn the volume down that’s it problem fixed right?

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It would be much easier to have a possibility to set “Do not disturb” time in his app than change his volume every day twice. @Wayne_Zhang

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First of all that’s not a BIG complaint :eyes:
If you read correctly I am talking regarding the wisthling not when he snores :wink::+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:mouah mouah

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really… It’s only three words… Think of it as an chance to greet your little pet :yum: EMO volume minimum… 3 words. So let’s get living AI to rewrite the complete app. Do you really think it’s worth it?

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go back and read what I said… Before you start telling people that are not listening to you…


Hello sweat heart Take it easy :wink::+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Your right @edward we should treat everyone like the way you said :happy: