Emo No tracking NO response

I ordered this for my 10 year olds birthday and I’ve sent email after email and no one will even message me back. One unhappy momma.

@achambers03 ,
It looks like you only joined the forum two days ago. So I think we can pretty safely say your tracking is not going to be linked to your account here anyway unless you also just ordered within the last two days? In that case you’re probably close to 4 months too early looking for an email with a tracking number. Did you even ask what the ETA was before you ordered? You didn’t ask here obviously, since you weren’t a member yet and this is your first post. Did you read the note on the order page about minimum six weeks for production of your EMO before shipping? EMO’s are not a stocked item, they’re built to order and there is a backlog.

Without knowing your order number there’s no way we as other customers can guess when you’ll get your EMO. From the website if you go to the Delivery link at the top of the page you can compare your order number to the current numbers being processed. Just posting about it here though is not going to do you any good, you need to either email service@living.ai or tag someone from the company that can answer your question such as @Wayne_Zhang or @AmyLU


When I ordered, I was told, or it was on the website that it would be months.I was thinking that I should check on my order, but he arrived the next day! I’m very satisfied!

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Wow Emo seemed to be more geared to adults but lucky ten year old lol

Hi, Thank you for your support. Sorry for making you wait. We are shipping according to the order of the orders. We are now speeding up the production and shipping EMOs in order. We are updating the delivery progress on the official website, you can check here: https://living.ai/delivery-process/. Once your package is sent out, we will send you an email with the tracking number.
If you have any questions, please email our customer service team: service@living.ai. They will solve the problem for you.