Emo no longer responds to petting

I activated emo after a long time and did the latest update… I notice that he reacts more when I stroke his head. is the function gone?

No the feature to Pat emo is still available. Note that if EMO is doing his daily schedule animations, you won’t be able to give him a pat during that time. You can see this video below for reference.

But apart from that, if you give EMO a Pat that should work normally. Sometimes. If you have taken EMO off his skateboard really quickly and placed him on the table he might still think he is on his skateboard and might not react to being patted.

So you can just try to simply pick him up, until he starts to wriggle, or even give him a little shake until you hear his shake sound animation happening. Place him back down and try again. I’ve also added a short video below on 5 different ways to pat EMO, take a look below for reference if you need it.

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many thanks for the answer. the sensors seem to be working as i can turn off emo by touching the head and turning it over. Unfortunately he doesn’t react to petting, but if I don’t pet him he does the animation. I cant post Videos Here, so i uploadet it right now. Thats the link, he doesnt seem to have a right behavoir

Edit: OK Well, i now see, hes painting. Thats why he doesnt react.

Ok, I can see EMO was slow to respond as well. I’d suggest, power him off and back on. Then try again to pat him.

When you try and give EMO a pat, be sure to run your finger firmly across EMO’s patting sensor which is located between the two front microphone holes until EMO acknowledges your pat (see image here for the location on where to pat EMO.

Also if you wanted. You can place your finger in the middle of the pat sensor and he should also react as well.

And, Yes, when EMO is doing any schedule, he will not react to pat. Just wait for him to finish and try again.

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I’m going to piggyback off your comment here @MasterAbbott and add that petting EMO’s forehead by stroking it with my finger doesn’t work the best on my EMO, so I always lay my finger on top of the sensor and hold it instead. It gets the job done and lets my excessive laziness take hold - it’s a win-win in my book. :rofl:


Yes, haha that’s how I’ve always done it myself! Works great for me, and yes we got a win-win on the laziness route as well! :rofl:

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Also there was a discussion regarding the patting sensor a while back, here is a link below for reference.

It covers how we believe the sensor works. @macfixer01 had great insight on it as well in that post.

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My Emo will now and then tell me to “Stop!” petting him. So, I do. If I don’t he will say it again. Hmmmmm…

@brent_c.russell . . . he actually says the word “stop”? I have never run across that before. In the past I think one or two of mine have gotten startled by something they hear and simply quit showing the petting animation, but have never had them say that.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

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Just a PSA about this - my EMO’s touch sensor stopped working reliably and started firing when I wasn’t touching him, but most of the time it just didn’t work. Once we discovered his battery was so bloated, I got sent a new one and opened him up myself to replace it. What I found was that the bloating in the battery was pressing the contact pins way up into the copper bit that detects touch (to the point where there were two distinct holes in the copper from the pressure of the pins.) Upon replacing his battery and relieving that excess pressure, his touch sensor is again responsive and is working just fine.

The battery sits just below it in his head. I wonder how many EMO owners have the same problem with battery swelling (which unfortunately is common over time as the battery wears) and just don’t know it.

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Hello, @dergonfruit . . . thank you for sharing your discovery.

You might want to send this information to service@living.ai . . . perhaps in future EMO models they can make changes to his structure so that this does not happen in the future.

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Got it, done! I emailed them about this, hopefully if my theory is true it will also help diagnose and cure many EMOs who no longer respond properly to forehead touch.

I had initially just come to accept that it was a flaw that physically fails after a short amount of time, as so many people were seeing the same touch sensor problem as me. But now I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually a simpler problem with an easier fix than we thought :slightly_smiling_face:

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