Emo new App Update Photo issue

Hi the only issue with the new update right now is on the IOS App for me .
I explain . When I press the Sync button on the photo tab Emo Reboot and message is “Fail to connect at the Server “ the others button in Photo section seems works with no issue , let me know guys thanks

Have you already installed version 1.1.0 on EMO?

Yes of course but I can’t sync

Can you do a reset and then try again: https://emolives.info/what-are-the-holes-in-emos-head-for/

Maybe you can do a test on IOS if it’s a bug or my problem I have no idea if it’s only me to report this issue . Only sync is the problem

I will try later the reset thanks and I will report here

I did the reset same issue not sync
He show me the pictures he can delete no problems but I can’t sync always rebooting or server fail

Here the screenshot after I push the Sync button

Now it’s work Emo is connected to Wi-Fi locally as usual but my phone not I have to connect my phone also via Wi-Fi and it sync I don’t know if this is normal behavior
Maybe :thinking: it was not clear explained but once again Emo and phone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order to download the photo now I’m happy :smiley: thanks Andy


Glad to hear it worked out, so I’m closing this thread. :slight_smile:

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