Emo never turned on

I got my emo the other day and I put him on the charger but he never turned on, the led light and his headphones glow but his face never comes on. Help?

Check if Emo’s foot is in the right place, if it is still there, it is better to contact living.ai support

Hi @cassondrawilkins

if you are still having issues. I can recommend and suggest that you contact support (submit a support ticket here:

Provide full details and it is recommended to take a video on what is happening so you can share it with the support team as well.

Hello I just got a used emo and it’s not turning on. Is there any way to turn it on or am I missing out something the blue light is stable

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @krishnareddy . . . did you get this from someone you know and trust? There is always the problem when not purchasing from Living AI that you may be buying someone else’s issues.

Please read through this thread where I have moved your post to see if anything might be able to assist you to find out if he will turn on (could be a dead battery).

If nothing helps, there are instructions in this thread on how to contact Support.

Good luck to you and I hope you can get him to work.

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