EMO never tells me joke

Hey everyone
My EMO can’t seem to understand me whenever I ask him to “tell me a joke”. Is that the right phrase to use? He always response with “very funny”, or “you got me”. (I think the guy thinks I’m asking if he liked my joke).
Does anyone else have troubles with this particular command? if so is there anything else I can say to activate the command?


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This sometimes happens to me as well. The best way is to clearly say

“Tell Me A Joke”

Wait 1-2 seconds after you’ve called out his name and then issue the command. (you can see a link to short video here).

It EMO has trouble understanding you (due to accent / pitch / tone) just try again and speak as clearly as possible.

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wow waiting those 2 seconds after saying EMO has made all the difference.
Thanks a bunch as usual:)

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Yes, its always best to wait 1-2 seconds before issuing a voice command, and also try and speak as clearly as possible, not too slow but not too fast as well.


My amazon Alexa respond to voice commands much faster than that. It would be nice if Living AI could address latency. Additionally I could not understand what EMO was saying so they might want to use a better codec.

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I’ve started saying “can you tell me a joke?” as a question rather than a statement. It works much better!

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