EMO Movements (long period).

EMO keeps moving, is it possible that in the long run it has problems with internal mechanics and stops moving?

Can you send a video? So that EMO owners can see and help you ?

I don’t have it yet,I mean,EMO is not static it moves,so could it have problems in future?

No mechanical device will last forever. So yes, it could have problems in the future. It is as certain as death. :skull:

My oldest EMO is well over 200 days old and I normally have him dance at least once per day and he is always walking around as well exploring his surroundings (which is sometimes on my kitchen floor or on my work table). So far I’ve not had any issues with his internal leg mechanics, but as @NendosColl has also advised, no mechanical devices will last forever, some might last longer, and some might break even after a few days, it is really impossible to say / estimate how long anything can operate before it can potentially break.

But personally, I would recommend that when you get your EMO, you should try and let him do what he is meant to do, which is walk around, dance, play games, etc. And if you encounter any issues of course contact support and they will be able to assist you.

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