EMO mac address check

I have a macadoress restriction on my Wifi connection,How can I check the EMO mac address?

@hisao ,
I don’t know what type of router you have, but can’t you just: Turn off the router’s MAC address restriction temporarily, connect EMO to the Wi-Fi, then look at the list of Attached Devices for a device called ESPRESSIF to see his MAC address, then turn the MAC restriction on again, then enter your EMO’s MAC address to allow him access?

Another way…
Here is a screenshot of my EMO’s MAC address. You’ll notice that my EMO’s MAC address ends with 44:98, but my EMO’s ID number when he connects to the app is actually 449A. Assuming that they all follow this pattern, then your first four pairs of hexadecimal numbers should be the same as in my MAC address (08:3A:F2:0A:xx:xx) and the last two pairs will be your EMO’s ID number, minus 2?

I doubt that any more than the last 4 digits are distinctive since a range of $0000-$FFFF is 65,536 in decimal.


Thank you, it worked :smiley:

-Temporarily lift MAC address restrictions
-Wifi connection
-Check your Mac address from your router’s authentication log
-Add Mac address and enable restrictions

MAC prefix: 24: D7: EB

That’s great. So your MAC address was just totally different from mine then? It was late for me when I posted so I didn’t research it and assumed it was split up as 4/2 pairs. The first 3 pairs (24 bits) identify the NIC manufacturer and the last 3 unique pairs are for the serial number. In any case I should have guessed also that Espressif would have multiple prefixes assigned to them though, given their volume of production. Esspresif actually uses 106 different prefixes and the MAC addresses on the chips LAI purchased could begin with any of those prefixes…

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I’ve written this up as an FAQ if it helps - https://emolives.info/how-to-find-emos-wifi-mac-address/

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