Emo lost wifi, will not connect to app

As of a day or so ago, Emo has lost connection to the internet, and my app cannot find him so I can reestablish connection.

He is also not recognizing or responding to any vocal prompts, not even just saying his name. I am unsure if this is because of his loss of connection to the internet or not.

I am using the most recent version of the app on the app store, and I am using a Samsung S21+.

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EMO has the voice recognition skills of a dead parrot when he is not connected to Wi-fi.

My recommendation is to turn him off, remove the app, restart the router, restart your phone, reinstall the app, and go through the initial EMO start up process again.

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@mandastarr ,
I’ve had the same problem on and off. Either turning EMO off then putting him back on the charger to turn him back on, or pressing his reset button will fix it. I asked about it inside someone else’s thread about a similar problem because I was brand new to the forum and didn’t know why the new topic button was grayed out, but I got no replies. I looked over all my router settings and found no issues. The router log showed a security failure on his login to DHCP which assigns an IP address (no idea why Bluetooth wasn’t showing him up in the app anyway though just like before he was initially set up?). I thought maybe I fixed it by making the network SSID visible since I had it set not to broadcast, but then he dropped offline again a day later. It seemed to get less frequent but happened again after a few days. I’m hoping this new firmware might help?