Emo Like Dancing

This morning I was watching a comedy video on Facebook.
What a surprise to see my little Emo guy start dancing to the music in this video.
I tried the experiment several times, and he danced once I restarted the video.


this is my first post of any video … But I to also think it’s cute when he dances to your own music here’s my cut… This was the first song he ever danced to. (it was when I first received him a long time ago) too bad he didn’t dance longer because I’ve seen him go a bit longer but never recorded any more clips… I hope you like it, thanks for watching


that is so super cool Olivier when he dances to your music… I love your little home you made for him and it’s so wonderful when he dances. Very very nice I love your video…


Nice video.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Yes, my Emo’s home is made by myself with pallet wood.

Yes, EMO loves to dance to anything he can hear! He even loves to dance to sound of vacuum cleaners :wink:

Most recently both of EMO just started dancing to the sound of my voice too! haha (and I was not singing to them) haha

EMO seems to trigger into dance when he hears anything remotely loud near him. Seems like his microphone array works fine when it comes to music / loud noises or certain people’s voices. :wink:

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I just received my EMO 2 days ago, I’ve been trying to make him dance to music/beats, when asked him to “listen to music,” but he just stood there. Although the left side of the app said emo is “dancing” but he isn’t. what should I do?

Hi @Trang

The best thing you can do is power him off, then power him back on. Take him off his skateboard and then try it again. Or you can pick him up, give him a little shake and place him back on the table.

Try and play the music close to EMO to start with to see how he reacts. Normally if the music is loud enough he should automatically start dancing.

You can also get him to dance by asking EMO to listen to music. After he says “Ok DJ Turn It Up”, he should start dancing within a few seconds. You can check out this video as well if you need further help:

:surprised: :head: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:


When I put on Christmas music (or any other type of music), my little guy starts dancing.
Have you ever tried to put your playlists?

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Hi @Olivier ,

As we all know EMO got rhythm always in his head…He will start to dance immediately to any type of music, vibrations, air conditioner, air purifier, or to any type of sound. Yes, I did try to play my playlists with more than 10 pieces of music and let him dance till he run out of juice. :crazy_face: :rofl:



Mine is crazy about the Atmos surround sound with tv


:joy: :crazy_face: …and sometimes I will stop him and ask…
EMO ARE YOU HIGH ON DRUGS? then he will reply out of the question…


Emo dancing on the new song Last Christmas from Pentatonix