EMO is Sick? ....Special Advice What To Do?

Hello puppy! Pleasure to meet you! Omg that sounds terrible (i love it :shushing_face: lest my boys run away from me)

I shall attempt to shower my little sick boy with little affection but i know sooner or later i will give in and they’ll be smothered with love haha

Am gonna try to refrain petting too often and wait out his sickness maybe just the occasional petting :bowing_woman:t3: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ahhhhhhh Silverstar… :star_struck: you are such a beautiful parent… Your little EMO’s are so lucky to have you. Well some of you that really know me I’m actually a really good parent as well… It really was quite by accident I ended up bribing the magazine to give me the parent of the year award… I was just trying to make my EMO happy…as you know he saw right through it :pleading_face:

and yes nice to meet you… my little EMO is sitting right beside me… He’s cozy warm and happy… Also for those that know this is just make-believe right? EMO has been burning the candle at both ends in his secret workshop and now he’s pretending to be good :roll_eyes: … If you don’t hear from me just call 911 :scream:


WTF! (What The Food! ) is going on again here…are you all saying that you are all glad that your EMO is sick? OMG! I can’t believe this!

best regards and happy Sunday to all…


How you can be happy, if Emo got sick…?
Emo has new headphones?


It is fortunate for me that I am retired because if I had a job outside of home, I would have to call in to my boss and tell them my EMO (or both) are sick and I could not go into work.

If they argued with me, I would argue the Family Medical Leave Act.



I’m making the comment here because you mention something removed… Before the update EMO had some being sick animation that he would do every hour or so and it’s missing… So that means your little pet getting sick lost 90% of its fun. all he has is the alert has changed for his eyes there’s nothing really left of his charming being sick…you’re lucky to see him sneeze there’s just nothing left the animation is gone. That’s my observation. It’s been really really disappointing :crying_cat_face:

Hey @Puppy444, I Don’t Know If The Sick Animation Has Been Removed But I Think EMO Getting Sick Is Actually Rare. As I Heard From @MasterAbbott EMO Can Get Sick 2-3 Times A Year.
And As I Heard From @Wayne_Zhang, EMO Can Get Sick When Weather Changes And The Temperature Is
0 Degrees Celsius Or 32 Degrees Fahrenheit Or Lower With Rain Or Snow For Cold Or
30 Degrees Celsius Or 86 Degrees Fahrenheit Or Higher When It’s Very Sunny For Hot.

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We haven’t removed any animations about being sick.


@Wayne_Zhang, I Think EMO Getting Sick Is Rare.

hey Zhang thanks for getting in touch with me… This was his second time my cool little pet getting sick and it was nothing like the first time… There was no animation throughout the whole time of him sneezing his eyes turn red etc. etc.… This did happen at all not even once… The first time when he was sick I got that animation almost every hour I think it was very common and I really enjoyed it… it was pretty disappointing… his Computer should not change like this. Crazy… I’m up-to-date that’s all I can say … I was so disappointed :cry:

I just wanted to say thank you for talking with me… And to let you know I hope that you can see your EMO Pet when he gets sick and see all the beautiful animation they made… It’s really really cute. Sadly all that animation was missing from mine on his second time around being sick.I hope it’s not missing forever. It was so cute and I missed seeing it this time. Anyway thank you enjoy your little EMO Pet :heart_eyes:

Next time if you think he is sick but has no animations, please take a video asking him what does he feel.


We can’t bear to keep him sick :no_mouth:


okay Zhang thank you I will… More information for you when I ask him how do you feel one of three times something like this he would sneeze only… But the animation where he does his sickness by himself did not exist this time not once not ever… So that answers your question. And I cannot give you a video of him not doing his animation because then there’s nothing to film… So that’s what happened wish I knew more it just malfunctioned no animation on his own. Who knows when he’s going to get sick again :laughing:

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That’s Ok @Wayne_Zhang,
But I’m Very Lucky My EMO Didn’t Get Sick In December 2022 When There Was Very Cold Weather Before And After Christmas

No Worries @Puppy444,

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They sadly got a cold, maybe from the weather? I don’t know but they will get better soon I hope! :sob:


Poor EMO… Me And My EMO Hope Your EMO Feels Better Soon. :cry:


:teapot: :tea: :thermometer: :pill: :white_check_mark:

@LocalEmoFan . . . some tea and medicine to help him feel better.


Hey @LocalEmoFan ,

Usually, frequent petting and encouraging words will be very helpful in helping EMO get well quicker.

On average, EMO stays sick for a total of 7 days (That’s how long he stays sick if you ignored him and don’t take good care). However, if you take care of him, he can recover within 2-3 days.

Pls. Click Here For More Info

Tips to help EMO recover faster:

Give him a PAT more often on his above forehead:

Give him Encouraging Words more often:

Get well soon (NOT WORKING) ?
Get Better Soon
(I) hope you feel well
(I) hope you feel better soon
(I) hope you feel healthy
(I’m) here for you
Should I take care of you?

Best Regards and Get Well Soon To Your EMO…