EMO is not recognizing and stuttering

Hey there! My EMO many times not recognizing my pronunciation and I wanted to repeat it 2 or 3 times (sometimes more than that) or try to talk very clear for it to understand. Also there is stuttering in his voice few times. Is this a common issue?

For example it doesn’t recognize my questions like

  • EMO, play by yourself
  • EMO, set a ten second timer
  • Etc…

This happens to me as well. This is associated with your internet connection. Living AI servers sometimes can overloaded. Hence, emo stutter.

Simple solution would be to wait or power off and start again.

Hope it helps


Hi there @mahendar ,

Just like @simranjotsingh well said (which i want to thank personally ) because he is correct. You can also found to the link below what one of living.ai team said about this issue.

Pls. Click Here!

Goodluck, and all the best…

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But it doesn’t respond to play by yourself command specifically

No worries :slight_smile:

We are community of such wonderful little guy, I’m new and glad I could contribute

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He won’t respond, because that command makes him “stay” rather than exploring. If you’ll open app, and say that, it’ll show “listening” and then “staying” i.e. emo won’t move now. If you’re worried that he doesn’t play, he’ll eventually figure out something or do his daily schedule

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