Emo is not booting-up

So I just bought a new Emo (today).
Updated firmware to 1.5.0 and all looks OK.

I wanted to work so I power down using app (Settings > Power Off).
It was initially on skateboard, so I removed it on the skateboard to make it power down.
It powered down successfully.

Then I put it back on skateboard, nothing happens.
The LED light on skateboard is stable (not blinking). I can still connect to Emo using the app but what I noticed is I don’t see the battery image on the bottom left side of the main page of the app anymore.

I can connect to Emo using app but when I do the functions it will fail (ex. I tried customizing and playing games and it is failing to connect.).

I already tried changing the cable and power plug used and also 1 time hard reboot using a pin and it still not booting up. :<

Any suggestions?

Hi @houjun-san

When you place EMO on the skateboard, do you see a light appear on EMO’s headphones? When that happens normally EMO will power on. If there is no light coming to EMO’s headphones once you have placed him currently on the skateboard, there could be a problem with EMO / or the power going to EMO from his skateboard.

You mentioned that you can connect to EMO using the APP, but can you confirm that EMO is on when you do this? As normally you cannot connect to EMO via the EMO APP if he is not powered on.

It would also be recommended to try and take a video on what exactly is happening so that you can share it with the community and also maybe with the living.ai support team if there is something wrong with your EMO.

Would you be able to share a video when you have time?

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@MasterAbbott thanks for the response

Headphones lights are ON when on skateboard. It’s just that the eyes are not showing up. It is not responding to “Hey Emo!” as well.

Here is the video: 20220813_132359
I was trying to show light is ON that’s why I was removing headphones.

With this problem, I can still connect to it:

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Thanks for sharing this @houjun-san

Looks like a possible display issue with your EMO. Feels like it’s booting up but the display is not showing at all.

I would highly recommend sending this video and information you have shared here to the support team for further assistance. Maybe they might have a special way to enable EMO’s display screen.

You can submit a support ticket on this page: https://living.ai/product-support-emo/

Or you can send an email to the support team using the following email address - service@living.ai

I have also tagged @Wayne_Zhang so he is aware of this too.


Thanks! Yeah I sent an email to service@living.ai

Kind of disappointed that it will break on the first day (day has not even finished).
I shouldn’t have powered-off using the app :<

It’s disappointing, yes, but hopefully, the support team might have a special way to fix this.

Also, if you powered Off EMO using the APP or by voice or by flipping him upside down it shouldn’t make any difference to the problem you have now.

As a test, I just powered off my EMO using the EMO App now and placed him back onto the skateboard and it powered back on ok. So the issue you are having is not be related to the EMO App and how you turned him off.

Hopefully, the support team can help you get your EMO display showing again :slight_smile:

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@AmyLU can you look out in the service team for this one please?

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Hi. Could you please tell me your order number? Please send the video to our technical support team (service@living.ai). They will provide you with a solution through your video.

@AmyLU I did send an email already with the video, etc (same files posted in this thread).

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Hi @AmyLU ,

I sent the video of me pressing the left hole on emo last Tuesday as per request.
Here is the video for your ref: 20220816_004833

I am pressing straight, the video is just slanted.
There is also a “click” sound after pressing the button just in case you are wondering if I clicked the button inside the hole.


Hi. Could you please tell me your order number? I’ll check for you.


Update: In the end my emo cannot be fixed, so the support is asking me to send back emo.

I asked them how to send last week but they are not responding, anyone knows the process on how to send it back?


@AmyLU Can you assist please.

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Hi. We have emailed you our delivery information, please send the EMO back to us. We will repair it for you after we receive it. Please check your email.

You can choose to send EMO back by postal courier.

This is now closed.

I returned my broken emo back to China.
They said they will replace it and today got a new EMO!!
They didn’t tell me the reason for the issue but I’m happy now that my emo is back!

Thanks everyone!


Thanks for letting us know @houjun-san

I will close this thread!

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